Bistro anatomy - with yoga and acrobatics towards health and activity

Welcome to our movement studio Bistro anatomy which is situated right in the centre of Brno. The
studio features a diversity of disciplines – yoga, acrobatics, new circus, theatre. Its founder Dorota
Špalková is bringing together different artists and yogis who are enriching the space and creating
great experiences. In Bistro anatomy you can discover the world upside down, getting twisted, or
jumping around. Or you can simply let yourself softly surrender through a guided mindful meditation.


Our studio brings up a feeling of a cosy living room. Not too big, actually quiet tiny. A place where you
can be yourself. We like to offer an individual approach, since our capacity is limited, there is time to
pay attention to each person present. In Bistro anatomy you find friendly atmosphere and morning
yoga comes with breakfast.


WEDNESDAY 18:30 – 19:30
Based on Ashtanga Vinyasa + Yoga nidra: Late afternoon practice is based on ashtanga vinyasa
style, concluded with guided meditation or yoga nidra.
Asana practice will pump up our breath, with a focused physical practice. That focus may be on
stability, flexibility, strength, inversions or bhandas. But the real keystone is self-awareness and
After physical practice we cool down and shift the attention towards our mind through the practice of
guided meditation. This helps aide in deep regeneration and restoration of the body. It may help in
grounding your energy, discovering a new space, or maybe just to relax…
* Its recommended to come with empty belly. So the inner organs can correctly function during

THURSDAY 7:00 – 8:00
Wake Up yoga: Morning yoga wakes you up slowly but intensively. Let’s raise the energy together
and begin the day fresh and motivated. We start the flow, flow of breath and vital energy. Light up the

SUNDAY 18:00 – 20:00
Yoga Restoring Body and Mind: Sunday evening practice is kind to the body. You will have the
space to listen to its needs. We focus on recovery of the body, releasing tension, imbalances or even
pain. Helping you to find harmony within yourself.


Single entrance: 60‘ /150 Kč | 90‘ / 190 Kč

Multiple entrance 10 lessons: 60‘ / 1300 Kč | 90‘ / 1700 Kč


Multisport 60’ without surcharge
Activepass 60’ without surcharge
ESN card 20% off


Kristyna became a yoga teacher after she experienced many benefits with yoga from her own practice. With intensive self-practice she experienced and noticed many changes in her perception of things, situations, ideas and life in general. The shift was not forced and now life is allowed to flow. Kristyna will leave you feeling the good vibes all around. For a long time she dedicated her practice to Ashtanga yoga, dynamic and intensive style. Lately she chooses practices that her body and state of mind is asking for in the moment. Learning how to balance yang and yin. Ashtanga practice is not suitable to everyone. She believes everybody needs to find his own style how to achieve balance and search for harmony. “Yoga is very complete science and techniques, but don’t forget, yoga is originally discipline of mind not of body.”

Lesson booking process

1. To register click on the “ROZVRH”
2. Fill your user name and password (or sign up via fb or gmail)
3. In the timetable choose your desired class and to reserve clic on “celý kurz” (course) or “1 lekce” (class)
4. and to reserve clic on “celý kurz” (course) or “1 lekce” (class)
5. Recharge your credit or pass
6. Payment - by online transfer with use ov VS / or you place your disponible credit in cash in the studio
7. Yeeeeyyy! That’s it, look forward to see you at yoga or acrobatics!
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